Addicted to whatever gets me through

Anonymous asked: Also I'd like to add, that you are way to hard on yourself. You're only like 2 years older than me, but sometimes act like a 50 year old spinster who'll never find love. Nevertheless, you are not only cute but nice. That is a quality that good people rarely want to display now a days, which is a shame. Never let the hoes who don't realize what a catch you are, deter you from being a good guy. 10 yrs from now they'll unhappily married to/divorced from that guy who thinks romance is "gay".


Anonymous asked: Same poster on the smoking issue. Prolonged exposure to firewood and charcoal give me nosebleeds on top of the migraines, dizziness, and heavy coughing that cigarette, cigar and pot smoke give me. So I'm not being judge but guys never seem to want to give me a break about it.

sounds insane! ive never met anyone like that! but that doesnt mean someone should give you a hard time for something that happens to you. And most people dont realize that some people dont like smoking. :) do you boo boo stay away from smoke its not good for ya, sadly im addicted im working on it though

Anonymous asked: Why is it that smokers (especially males) get so uppity when we non-smokers don't want to date them, even when we are polite about it? Some of us have legitimate familial reasons (ie addict in the family), or a sensitivity to smoke (tobacco, nicotine, pot, firewood/logs, charcoal); others think it smells rancid (it does) & don’t want to kiss an ashtray. I myself get killer migraines & light headed, while coughing up a lung. Yet, โ™‚smokers insist (bitch/moan) that, “I think I’m too good for them”.

Well just give them your reasons why you dont like it! Ive already accepted that me smoking is going to turn people away, so whoever is giving you a hard time needs to figure some things out, not you.


When u feel really hot but look terrible in all your selfies